Our Top Mission...

is to change the way that people eat, grow and attain their food by establishing urban and alternative micro farms in non-green spaces.

Space Garden Education

We show people how to create their gardens using space tested technology with little to no green space available 

Farming Innovation

Using space tested technology we focus on delivering new ways to grow food without soil and pesticides so that you can enjoy fresh, organic food.

Nutritional Toxicology

We teach people how to use healthy food to heal their bodies and ailments without the need for toxic medications. Through our classes, people will learn how to grow and eat nutrient rich food and make this a part of their daily living.

Global Ambassador program

We are looking for leaders

The Global Garden Ambassador Program

is a global leadership program. We are looking for select leaders & future leaders that are passionate about creating sustainable gardens in areas where there is no access to green space and nutrient dense soil. We need ambassadors for urban communities, including porch and indoor spaces and impoverished areas.

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Nicole’s Garden will provide classes to community members on various topics including: 
  • Nutrition – Fresh foods and potential benefits
  • Chronic Disease Awareness
  • Nutritional Toxicology – nutritional recommendations for management and/or prevention of chronic disease
  • Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Awareness, Management,Treatment and Prevention Project
  • Creating Alternative Gardens in your Home and Office 
  • Space Gardens: how to create a small garden using space tested technology
  • Managing Air Quality using Plants: Education on which plants reduce air pollutants and chemical contaminants from indoor spaces
  • Biotechnology and Environmental Remediation
Classes are held at various locations throughout the community as well as online classes that you can attend live or watch the recorded sessions. 

We are committed...

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