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Check out this article on CNN titled “Community Gardens; Old World techniques to Solve New Age Problems“.

According to a recent study, approximately twenty-three percent of the land in the average American city lies vacant. (See BOWMAN & PAGANO, supra note 2, at 5-8 ) This land is abandoned for a number of reasons, including population shifts from the cities to the suburbs due to de-industrialization and relocation by employers; changing views on desirable housing stock; and residential shifts due to the declining reputations of school systems and racial prejudices. Land may also be vacant if it is small in size, irregular in shape, and undeveloped. In declining neighborhoods, vacant houses often fall prey to trespass and arson, resulting in rapid deterioration. Some of the most dangerous structures are condemned and obliterated, leaving vacant lots as monuments to neighborhood disinvestment. In addition to being economically unproductive, vacant lots endanger public health and safety by becoming illegal dumps for refuse that can contain toxic chemicals and breed disease.

“Communities have found that gardens beautify areas, build a sense of community among neighbors, and diminish criminal… Read the rest of the story here


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