Our Story

Who We Are.

We honor the legacy of the late Madame Nicole Marie Gabriel, whose vision and belief that fresh, non-processed foods allow for sustainable health and joy. A lover of music, flowers and treating everyone with fairness and respect, she was a quiet agent of change.


Her Legacy (1)


Dedicated to Education

Nicole’s Garden foundation is built on the premise of education. What you put in your mind is just as important as what you put into your body. This is why a portion of our future facility will be dedicated to research and free training to the public.

Fresh Food For All

In tradition of our namesake, Nicole’s Garden is focused on providing fresh, non-processed foods via training, education and hands-on experience creating traditional and alternative gardens around the world.

Influencers of Innovation

With the world’s water supply depleting and our natural resources being consumed at astronomical proportions, we must rely on ingenuity and innovation to resolve these issues. Nicole’s Garden is committed to being a part of the solution as we research and develop new technologies that will foster a sustainable future.

The Future of Agriculture

Urban farming has quickly become a necessary staple in the future of farming and how we attain fresh foods. Our goal is to create a multi-functional facility that serves the masses in various ways including a training center, a cafe that serves food grown on site, an indoor farmers market and a mini museum that showcases our current research and development. This facility will also house our hydroponic farm where we will grow various leafy greens and herbs.


Meet The Team

Dr. Noreen Khan Mayberry

Dr. Noreen Khan Mayberry is a best selling author, the world’s first female space toxicologist and the daughter of our namesake, Madame Nicole. Dr. Noreen has dedicated over 20 years to translating the language of science to the masses and now is focused on innovation that will change the way we grow and eat food. Learn more about Dr. Noreen HERE

Yunche T. Wilson
Director of Giving & Outreach

Yunche T. Wilson is a serial entrepreneur who is dedicated to living life to the fullest. Her business career spans over a decade where she consulted companies in marketing & business strategies. She is a firm believer that what you put into your mind and body shapes your living experience. Yunche manages all marketing, media, sponsorship and strategy for Nicole’s Garden.

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