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School gardens offer opportunities for fun and physical activity while serving as an important educational tool to help students understand how healthy food is produced but the way Nicole’s Garden does it adds a new sense of adventure for the students.


 Self Watering Space Gardens

 Imani garden

One of the highlights of having a SPACE GARDEN from Nicole’s Garden in your classroom is that it takes up very little space. Students can interact with the garden inside of their classroom without having to worry about typical gardening issues such as: soil, shovels, unpredictable weather or pesky bugs.

Students can learn how space tested technology is changing the way we grow food and how they can be a part of the initiative. After the implementation of the garden, Nicole’s Garden commemorates the occasion by granting each student with the title JR. SPACE FARMER and a class certificate showing that they are certified trainees of the program.

Every few weeks someone from Nicole’s Garden will check in with the new school to ensure that everything is running smoothly and check the progress of their garden.


How does a school get a Nicole’s Garden space garden?

Each space garden is donated at no-cost to the school so we rely on our generous donors for sponsorship. As a sponsor of our space garden, you will receive the following:

  • Name/Company Name next to implemented garden
  • Logo on our website next to school that received garden with small blurb
  • Picture opportunity day of installation

The cost to implement a single space garden is $500.

Can I simply donate towards one of the space gardens?

Absolutely! Every donation put us one step closer to donating another garden to a deserving school. We appreciate every contribution.


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