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Nicoles Garden Research & Development Facility
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Space farming has quickly become a necessary staple in the future of farming and how we attain fresh foods. Our goal is to create a multi-functional facility that serves the masses in various ways including a state-of-the-art research laboratory, a training center, a cafe that serves food grown on site, a farmers market and an interactive museum that showcases our current research and development. This facility will also house our hydroponic farm where we will grow various leafy greens and herbs.

Open to the public


he goal of our facility is to showcase what a self-sustaining space farm can look like and how the general public can implement the very same techniques we use in their homes without having to use very much space.


Research Laboratory
Our research lab is the cornerstone of the facility. Here we will develop new technologies, test theories and run trials on unique ways to grow produce indoors. The success of our research will be displayed in our growing pods where we transfer our findings to the public via our on-site classes and interactive experience in the museum.

Training Center

Here we will offer free classes for the general public pertaining to vertical farming and how they can begin growing their own foods in very small spaces. We will showcase the proper ways to plant and care for their crops as well as detail the proper tools necessary to create their vertical gardens.

Shopping/Farmer’s Market

We will have an on-site indoor farmers market where patrons can come and purchase food from various local farmers.  Here you will find an array of organic items and be able to sample some of the freshest foods Texas has to offer.


The cafe is a perfect addition to our facility as it will showcase food grown directly on others sourced from local farmers. Patrons will be able to grab a sandwich or salad without the worry of pesticides or toxins contaminating their food.


Nicoles Garden Research & Development Facility



100% Toxic Free Facility

All food grown on our site will be done via our state-of-the-art, space tested technology, indoor hydroponic system. This eliminates the need for toxic pesticides that typical farmers have to use to keep bugs away from their crops. You can have peace of mind in knowing that the food your purchase and consume is safe for you and your family.

Helping Pioneer the Future of Farming

Space farming (also known as urban/vertical farming) is a revolutionary concept meant to address our depleting resources. With the population growing and our food supply diminishing, organizations like NASA, set out to create new ways to ensure our survival while also reducing our footprint on earth. Space farming IS the answer and our facility will be solely focused on ensuring that we enable the right resources and education to usher in a new frontier. 

An Adventure for Young Minds

Nicole's Garden will be the perfect field trip for schools. Here students will be able to engage with various displays regarding how certain foods effect our bodies, tour our pods to see how the food is grown and get a hands on experience that will grant them the title of Jr. Space Farmer along with a certificate and goody bag that they can take home.

Nicole’s Garden will provide classes to community members on various topics including:

  • Nutrition – Fresh foods and potential benefits
  • Chronic Disease Awareness
  • Nutritional Toxicology – nutritional recommendations for management and/or prevention of chronic disease
  • Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Awareness, Management,Treatment and Prevention Project
  • Creating Alternative Gardens in your Home and Office
  • Space Gardens: how to create a small garden using space tested technology
  • Managing Air Quality using Plants: Education on which plants reduce air pollutants and chemical contaminants from indoor spaces
  • Biotechnology and Environmental Remediation
Classes are held at various locations throughout the community as well as online classes that you can attend live or watch the recorded sessions.
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